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Very nice graphics and fun. Certain things that bugged was that the controls are a bit stiff which makes it hard to dodge enemies, and ninjas seem to have longer range than you which makes it even more difficult. Also the jumping down from trees are triggered when you are too near imo, in general thats the only thing that bugs me, the lack of dodgebility.

Good job!

I love the Mega Man X soundfont.

Really the only big problem with this game is the lack of gamepad support.

Otherwise had a really good time reflecting bullets and stars.

The retro style is very successful. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to make a game of this quality?

It's an ok game, and it feels like, if mastered, it would feel great to cut through people. I did not master it in 10 minutes and so felt a tad frustrated.

It's not all bad - I made a video on it which I think has a more positive vibe:

Will you be releasing any of your games on Steam, or are you working on a full project that might see a Steam release. I really like your games and would love to see them on Steam with Steam Achievements and etc.

control is so stiff, boss is so annoying, and there is nothing about 'assassin' 

Just use knife to cut bullets. 

The game looks and sounds really cool, however I find controls quite stiff. Very often I'm trying to pull off an epic combo, but I'm ending by taking few hits. 

Liked this top stuff its def not easy here is my playthrough, thanks


I gave it a shot, and at first I thought it was pretty good, a little challenge  that was still pretty fun, but once I got to the boss it felt like the difficulty was cranked to 11. I didn't realize until like and hour of playing later, that I was fighting him wrong, mainly cause I guess I probably assumed I wouldn't be able to climb the walls of inside a lab like i could a rock wall or a tree on the way getting there. I got some  little points that I think could make the game less rage inducing, and more fun and balanced (and maybe small bit more stream friendly for the download version). Sorry if it seemed I was being too critical, I was just very exhausted and the difficulty caught me by surprise, but I did actually enjoy the gameplay and the style. Overall, great job! I hope the video is at least helpful if not entertaining.

Gave it a go...


Incredibly fun game, although difficult, I managed to finish.


omfg this is amazing.

I got stuck in the options menu.

This is really cool! I'll have to play when I got some more time. Do you mind if ppl stream your game?

Of course not, it would be fun to watch. :D

Sweet! I think I need to practice a bit first! But I really love how it reminds me of megaman, keep up the great work :)

Incredibly captivating! I loved it from the heart. Would not it be possible to make a version for Android?

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It would be possible but I'm not very interested. I don't think an action game like this would work well on mobile too :p

Awesome game, reminds me of the old school Ninja Gaiden a bit! :3

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Instant classic in my book.

Damn that's good.


Really nice looking game. i love the pixel style. it's also FREAKING DIFFICULT. great job

Thanks for playing it, that was super fun to watch! You actually did pretty well. By the way, sorry for the missing description for sub-weapons, looks like I accidentally removed it when editing the page earlier.


Loved how it actually seems like a shippable SNES game, the game is very challenging and feels very well polished! :) Thank you for this experience!


Jump Attack is so coool !!!


This is awesome, love it! Thanks so much.


Really good game, challenging and fun :) I really liked the SNES-like graphics.